Compound Bows For Sale: What’s In A Price!

There are lots of compound bows for sale at different price ranges and model types; this is driven by their popularity and versatility as a bow throughout the archery world. This article will explore some of the key things you need to know when purchasing a compound bow.

History, Function and Design

Compound bows take advantage of a levering system made of cables and pulleys to deliver powerful results; this is the central focus of the design. There are also a series of sights and stabilizers, connected with wheels. The body is generally constructed from carbon or aluminum, giving it a very solid design. As the archer draws the string, the wheel compresses the limb and when the arrow is eventually fired it will be with a great degree of accuracy.

Holless Allen an American invented the first compound bow in 1969. It’s efficient design rapidly led to it becoming the primary form of bow purchased and used in the states. Standard arrows made of aluminum or carbon are generally used with the bow.

Compound bows today come from a wide range of manufactures, and the market is very competitive.

Why buy a compound bow?

Aside from their general popularity, these bows are able to maximize how they store energy, and this means that when the bow is released they are very powerful. They also shoot faster than other types of bow, which can be an advantage in competitive shooting where speed is essential.

There is also an advantage for novice archers, as compound bows come with different cam designs, which allow for a softer launch or harder launch depending on the experience level. By design, compound bows also have less vibration when fired, which eases the pullback novice archers will experience.

They are most commonly used in professional competitions, and so anyone looking to enter archery as a serious, competitive, sport is best advised to begin with a compound bow.

Their popularity also means they are a lot easier to purchase, and there is a lot of help available when buying them. You will also be able to find several starter kits, which can make them cheaper than purchasing alternative bows.

These types of bows have minimal disadvantages, as they can require a lot of maintenance. Anything that is comprised of lots of moving parts will be hard to avoid some sort of maintenance. It can also make them more susceptible to faults if not taken care of properly. Replacing the string often involves a trip to a professional store due to requiring a bow press.

From a usage point of view, the compound bow needs to be selected carefully when buying to ensure it is suitable for the end user. These are very powerful bows, and novices can be caught out if they are not correctly adjusted, so always buy from a specialist shop.

Price ranges and what to look for

There is a lot of flexibility in the price of compound bows, and they are generally sold in kits. They can be bought for as little as $140 to $800 or more.

When considering Compound Bows for Sale, look at the required pull weight, the purpose of the bow and how long you are intending to keep it for. What’s more, you can always find out more information by visiting our site at

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